Danni (danniielle) wrote,

If you wanna be my friend post a comment, and add me first! =D

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wy did u change, you got a stalker? you runnin from the law? you trying to avoid someone? hehehe just askin, and Im honoured to be your friend :D
LOL i just didn't want any old person looking through. I can talk about my personal life more now without being in fear of people seeing. WOOO
hi i think weve spoken on msn before with Mel?? can i be your friend??
Hii! Yeah *adds*

RAWRR at ya icon!!
Im a new(ish) Busted fan and came across your LJ by chance....we have loadsa similar obsessions (my main one being Mr Charlie Simpson at the mo, hehe) So add me, I would love to be added!
Lotsa love Kate
Hi! *adds* Wooo another busted fan

Re: Heya!


13 years ago

lol, helllooo. do you mind if i add you? i'm angela, y'know the girl in the convos with mel and lauren? the one with the peter obsession! lol

so yeah, i'll add you if you're cool with that!

hiii! Sorry i aint looked here for ages. I'll comment on ya so ya know i've added ya. SORRY! *adds*


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hiyas could you add me? You sound nice from comments Ive read and plus your a Busted fan! What more could I ask for?

Love loads xxx Laura xxx
wooo of course ya can!! *adds*

*humps more busted fans*
hey can i add you? i'm new to this site and don't know anyone so it would be great to know a busted fan especially!
wooo of course ya can! Busted fans <3

*adds back*
Oooh, you seem like fun! *adds* hehe
aww fankoo!! *ads back*
hey this is jt_so_sexy. I changed my username, add me on here?
wooo sure!!! Fankooo for telling me!
well i havent but em its pyschogirlbex i changed :P
pwease can u add me?????

lmfao! I can indeedy :D
Hey- I'm gonna add ya. We have a few interests and friends in common, and you seem fun! add back?
woo yeah suree!! *adds away*
add me? i love busted too!
wooo of course!!
add meee i heart busted *licks ur friends only sign*
YAAAAY! *adds* I wondered where you'd gone
Hey, I changed my username. I was blazin, so could you add me on this username please? I added you <333
HIII! SURE! Sorry i took ages. I really need to check this more


13 years ago

i seen that u like sam! woooooooo

if you are interested me and my friend have a sam and a busted community!

busted_boys community!>

sam_nixon community!>
WOOO! I just spoke to you in yours lol i found you! I never knew you'd added me sorry. THANKS and i added!

Re: hey there!


13 years ago

hello hello....

i just randomly came upon ur journal... so yea... i added you...
WOO! I'll add you back


13 years ago

i am soooo adding you..i mean, lefties have to stick together, left?
very left!! =D

*adds you back*
Hi!! seeing as we're both lefties, and we have the same name... I think you must be super cool! I added ya!

wooo! I'm sure we are

*adds back*
We were friends before.. am I still?
yeshhh yee are still my friend!! I just moved this to the top so it prob showed up

i wouldnt delete yee!
sniff sniff am i not a friend?? i promise i'll comment more!!!
ARGH i took a busteder off! I dint mean to

*adds ya back straight away*
Heya can ya add me tooo coz you love Sam & so do iiiii =0)
btw how do ya make your journal friends only?! I tried & I can't work it out! =/
*adds* WOOOO for sam fans

ooh ya know when you post a new comment. Ya have to go to more details where you can change your mood and theres a drop down menu so you can make the entry friends only. It will say public as a default.

You have to go back and change every entry though unfortunately. It did me head in but i'm glad now. And you have to change it every time you upload

i hope that made sense haha, i cant even understand what i said.



13 years ago



13 years ago

we seem to have a bunch of things in common so i added you :D, add me back ?
of coursee! Any busted fan gets added to moi!
omg, you don't know me, but i was on my friend alexis' lj and just started clicking random links....add me? i'll add you... and omg! you like BUSTED!? I LOVE THEM!!! "You Said No" is my favorite song of theirs, i paid like 20 bucks for their import cd, lol...
added =D Busted fans galore!
hey, i randomly searched people with "busted" as an interest and found you :] add me please

btw, i love your layout. Sam is a hottie ;D
of course <3333

you have taste missus!
Hi there I'm Lee.

I've added you to my lj friends, I would be grateful if you could add me too.

I thought I'd just say hello as I love to make new friends. I like many things, partys, music, meeting people, but most of all I would love to be your lj friend. Its really up to you :)

Over time I'm sure we'll get to know each other better, read my profile, it says alot about me.

All the best
Lee X
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