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Lefty's Anonymous

Me, Sam, Afro and James

12 May
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Hello there! I decided to revamp my user info as it was really dull, and i can really assume it would have made people wanna join my friends list.

I'm 16 and from Bradford. I'm studying media, it and dt at college and hope to carry on media at uni so i can become a journalist. I also work as a call centre clerk which i oh so oddly love.

I'm a very obsessed person and i like to discuss that in my journal. Dont worry its not "so adam came today and i like him, but also like joe but he likes someone else so i'll fancy adam although that other girl likes him she better stay away" I'm actually quite normal :)

My obsessions are Sam from popidol and Charlie from Busted at the moment. As well as a few real people that I actually have a chance with.



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